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Back to School

Back to School


Summer is over and its time to get everyone organised for the school year ahead. Some children will be skipping to school but others require a little extra motivation to put a spring in their step. We’ve figured out just how to do that; let them choose for themselves and add a special treat to top off the basics. 

Here's how we do it...


1. Start at home


The transition from holiday mode to a productive school mentality often takes more than just dropping the kids off at school. Start at home and create study nooks to facilitate the growth of an eager young mind. Start with a desk and seater, a colourful desk lamp and a pencil holder. This combination will serve as the perfect basic backdrop for learning to expand on with stationery supplies or a rug, cushion or prints to complete the space. 


2. Add some fun


If there is one essential ingredient, it is fun! Consider your child’s interests when shopping for supplies and choose some colourful bookmarks or a quirky stapler to bring some play into mundane tasks. Whether big or small, choose items that are rich in colour, interesting and most important, practical.


3. Get organised

Children are notorious for being disorganised and easily distracted. Help them to focus on one specific task by ensuring that their learning space is organised. A neatly organised area is much more conducive to learning. This goes for their accessories as well, so choose a backpack with sufficient partitions and space for books and nifty stationery.


4. Treat yourself

Once you have catered to the kids’ needs, why not treat yourself to an inspiring back-to-school package? You deserve a little motivational boost too! Brass-plated metal scissors and a stylish vegan leather MacBook cover are both beautiful and practical additions to your home.